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Small group Highlands & Islands adventure Tours Scenic nature, history, culture, wildlife, walking, activities, whisky, music, etc. - all about Scotland - flexible, personalised fun tours

We offer:

* Short local highlights (1/3, 1/2, 2/3 and full day tours)
* 1 and 2 day tours
* 3 day and longer tours
* We offer 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 day etc. tours - check further below for more info

In which we get you to Scotlands remotest corners, including the Northwest Highlands and Western or Northern Isles. You tell us where you want to go and stay (hostel, B&B, hotel or campground) and what you wish to see – we will take you there and as we do have 18 years travel experience all over Scotland.

Pick up / drop off from almost anywhere incl. from Stirling Uni. We take you to the best places. Relax, de-stress and forget all your worries in stunning and peaceful surroundings.

Easy - if you book today - we are flexible and take you on a tour tomorrow (subject to availability and we suggest to book early if you can).

Timings for prices start from pick up location and end at drop off location and exclude entrance fees, accommodation, food, drinks and ferries.

20% student discount Monday to Friday :

During mid-semester week and public holidays Standard tour prices apply.

During the semester speak to us on Thursdays in the Atrium about Highland tours (Unicorn Tours) and all your other travel needs (Unicorn Travel)

We have a good discussion with you in advance to find out exactly what you wish to get out and take away from the trip. We cater for all interests, including sightseeing, history, castles, nature, wildlife and any activities you chose which could include taking you on some of the most stunning or scenic short walks, showing you the most beautiful wildest and remotest mountains, beaches, visiting some islands etc.

* We offer 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 day etc. tours

If on a Friday your work/last lecture finishes at 3 pm and you are looking to get away for a full weekend tour, we can of course pick you up at 3.15 pm and you would just pay for two and 1/3 days, giving you a head start and by Friday night you could already be watching a Westcoast sunset or be chilling out at your Highland accommodation enjoying the stunning scenery. By opting for a one and 1/3, 1.5, one and 2/3, 2 and 1/3, 2.5, two and 2/3, three and 1/3, 3.5 days tour or so forth we will be able to show you more places at a reduced rate, offer you a greater experience and you are able to include highlights of a longer tour, that otherwise you would be unable to see. If for instance you have Sunday off and only need to be back on Monday at 12 noon, we offer you a one and 1/3 day tour and rate and so forth.

We are family-friendly and have 2 adjustable 0-12 year old children seats.

If you do have any questions, just ask and we will be happy to help.

Unicorn Tours does offer total flexibility.

For personalised large group tours, please send us your requirements.

Free historic Edinburgh and local walking tours (pay for public bus/train + optional tip to tourguide at end of tour) for groups of 15+ (subj. to late availability – i.e. no other tour bookings on that day - mid-week only and not during the mid-semester week).