Accommodation is not included in the tour cost.
This is to be flexible and allow everyone in the group to stay at the place you like the best.
As all Highland towns are small we can drop you off at night/pick you up in the morning from any hostel, Bed & Breakfast, hotel or campground of your choice.
We normally prefer for the group to stay together, but if some wish to stay in a Bed & Breakfast or hotel and others at a youth hostel, it is ok for our group to be split, for example, some to stay in a hostel and for the others to be in a Bed & Breakfast. Usually, the places are just next door or across the road from each other.

We will always discuss, advise and recommend places for you to stay and can assist during your enquiry and booking process, but it will be you who is paying for your accommodation.

You might find some of these links useful:

Visit Scotland

If you google “Hotel or Bed & Breakfast accommodation in Inverness, Oban, Fort William, etc.” you will find many hotel and guesthouse search engines and links to the various accommodation providers.

Scottish Youth hostel association

(hostels tend to offer private rooms at a premium rate as well, hostels are also good for communal facilities, i.e. to prepare or store food, reading/computer/TV/info/social lounge, etc.)

Scottish Independent hostels

Visit Scotland accommodation (they list hostels, guesthouses,
B&Bs, hostels, campgrounds)

If you do have a tent:

Scottish campgrounds

Responsible wild camping is permitted in Scotland

Some of many Inverness accommodation, we recommend and use:

The Black Isle Bunkhouse is a very friendly, cosy, clean, safe Highland hostel just north of Inverness with atmosphere and charmed:

Inverness SYHA is a very clean hostel with all facilities and some private ensuite rooms within walking distance of the city centre:

The Glen Mhor Hotels & Apartments  offer very comfortable accommodation in the heart of Inverness.


Some of many Oban accommodation, we recommend and use:

The clean, friendly, central Oban SYHA right by the waterfront


As each of our routes is individual and personalised, we love to stay at lots of different locations in many towns and villages throughout the Lowlands, Highlands and on many islands and all over Scotland and will email you links, information and suggestions for your accommodation for whichever route and overnight stop you might decide for.