Feel free to put your own tour forward, which we are then happy to advertise here:


You see our pricing structure, which is, for example, £149 per mid-week day (Mondays to Fridays for students) from November to February

For the hire of the mini-bus with driver/guide and 8 passenger seats (plus the driver seat)


If you do have a group of 3 people and you definitely want to travel from Stirling/Dundee/St. Andrews University or somewhere else to for example Loch Ness in one day on a particular mid-week day between November to February, then you know it would cost you £49 each, however if you had a group of 8, it would just cost you £18 each  – so please let us know, as we would be delighted to put your tour online and advertise these extra seats.


In the event, that we can’t find any more passengers for that particular tour/route on that particular day, you can still say then until a few days before departure, that you wish to cancel, as this would work out too much for you per person.

Alternatively, you confirm the tour to us and are happy to travel just as 3 in the 8 passenger seater mini-bus and pay the higher per person rate.


Unfortunately, as the costs are the same, whether I offer a day tour for 1 person or 8 people, the daily rate is fixed with the same price for the 8 seater mini-bus hire with driver/guide per day.


So the price for you per person will only go down if you have 8, 7 or 6 passengers to share this fixed daily rate.

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