Tuesday, 16th – Friday, 19th  July 2019

12 Hebridean islands hopping – 4 day summer tour

Experience a Hebridean summer paradise at the the isles of

Lewis, Great Bernera, Harris, Scalpay, Berneray, North Uist, Grimsay, Benbecula, South Uist, Eriskay, Barra & Vatersay

£106 per person


4 day tour 12 Hebridean island hopping tour, including the Isle of Lewis, Harris, Berneray, Eriskay & Barra on the Outer Hebrides

  • The tour for nature, wildlife and beach lovers to some of Scotland’s wildest cliffs and ancient monuments.

  • Stunning journey to Scotland’s outer edge and wild Atlantic coast, to the heart of Scotland’s Gaelic culture, Callanish standing stone circle, Carloway broch, Gearranan blackhouse village, dramatic coastline, beaches, cliffs, bens, lochs & glens. We will visit some of Scotland’s most beautiful  beaches, cliffs, mountains and coastal scenery & a nature’s paradise – this is the tour for nature, wildlife and lovers of wild, golden empty beaches and it is at the height of the summer with 18 hours of daylight.

  • We will be taking one ferry from Ullapool/Scottish mainland to get to the Outer Hebrides and one ferry back from Barra to Oban/Scottish mainland.

Once we are on the Outer Hebrides we only take 2 more ferries as most islands are connected by bridges or causeways

  • Lewis – bridge – Great Bernera – bridge – Lewis – connectied by land – Harris – bridge – Scalpay – Harris – ferry – Berneray – bridge – North Uist – bridge – Grimsay – bridge – Benbecula – bridge – South Uist – causeway-  Eriskay – ferry – Barra – causeway – Vatersay

Key points of your itinerary:

Day 1 , Tuesday, 16th July 2019

Approximate departure from Stirling around 08.30 am.

Exact departure time from our Stirling area pick ups to be confirmed, once we have all participants’ addresses.

We will have a scenic journey up north with various stops, incl. Perthshire, Rogie falls, Corrieshalloch gorge, etc. and will be arriving into Ullapool around 3.30 pm, check in closes at 4.45 pm, the ferry departs at 5.30 pm

On the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry there is more time to relax, catch up on sleep or eat in the on-board restaurant.

Stunning ferry ride through Loch Broom and past the summer isles across the Minch with great views of the Outer Hebrides towards Stornoway,

the ferry journey time is 2.5 hours and at 8pm we will be arriving in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis on the Western Isles.

We are checking into our beautiful and cosy Otterburn bunkhouse , our home for 2 nights, which is only a few miles from one of Scotland’s most dramatic scenery, so we may head for a wee sunset beach drive to the local Bhaltos – welcome to paradise – we have finally arrived!

Great Bernera, the Bhaltos peninsula,  Uig beach & beyond to some of the most dramatic, wildest and beautiful beach, cliff, mountain and coastal scenery in Scotland.


Day 2 , Wednesday, 17th July 2019

Isle of Lewis day tour:

Standing Stone circle of Callanish, the wild, remote and spectacular sea cliffs, beaches and superb mountain and sea views of Western Lewis, one of the strongholds of Scottish Gaelic.

Step back in time to a land of magic and mystery.

Wild, remote scenery,  old Celtic traditions, visit Carloway broch and the Gearranan blackhouse village.

We might end the day at Tolsta beach for so

Literally 100s of awesome beaches, cliffs and wild coastal scenery, walks, towns and villages along the way – the landscape is epic, breath taking, everything is superlative.

A bit more time to explore the north, the Ness lighthouse and cliffs and

the wild and awesome Tolsta beach or towards Tiumpan head lighthouse, on a clear day, you have the very best possible view across the Minch over to the Scottish mainland and stunning peaks in the Northwest Highlands.

Spend some free time in Stornoway or relax at a beach.

Overnight at the Otterburn bunkhouse

Day 3, Thursday, 18th July 2019

We have an early start and ahead of the crowds and in the best morning light, we travel through spectacular scenery with various beach photo stops to the Isle of Harris, which is connected by land to the Isle of Lewis.

  • From Leverburgh/Isle of Harris we catch the ferry at 8.25 am  to Berneray arriving at 9.25 am

This is the ultimate day for beach lovers, the sea and the wild ocean and for anyone who likes coastal walks as we will be exploring the 5 islands of the Outer Hebrides (all connected by causeways, Eriskay, S. Uist, Benbecula, N. Uist & Bernerary) with stunning views over to St. Kilda & the Monarch isles, etc., towns, villages all with rich Gaelic heritage, ancient monuments and nature at its best wish lush machair and lots of flowers, lambs, we will see lots of seabirds, some seals and if we are lucky some otters and dolphins, porpoises and whales as well – welcome to a nature lover’s paradise

  • From Eriskay we catch the ferry at 4.35 pm  to Barra arriving at 5.15 pm

We round up our day by visiting Barra, the tidal airport & going for some beach walks before watching the sun set over Vatersay.

We are staying right in the heart of Castlebay at the Dunard hostel

Day 4, Friday, 19th July 2019

From our hostel it is only a 5 minute walk down to the ferry.

  • From Barra we catch the ferry at 7.55 am to Oban arriving at 12.40 noon

We enjoy a most amazing journey from the islands of the Outer to the Inner Hebrides and through the spectacular sound of Mull to the beautiful ferry port Oban on the Scottish mainland.

After some free time in Oban and a photostop from McCaig’s tower we are heading through dramatic Highland scenery and the Trossachs back towards Stirling.

View some of our past tour photos to the Western Isles

  •  £106 pp for the tour


  • book 3 months early by mid-April and save 1/3 = price goes down to £109



  1. Otterburn bunkhouse 1st night £22.50
  2. Otterburn bunkhouse 2nd night £22.50
  3. Dunard hostel 3rd night – now you still have the choice – cheapest bunk beds £20

= £65


  1. 16th July Ullapool 10.30 am – Stornoway/Lewis 1pm = £9.75
  2. 18th July Leverburgh/Harris 08.25 am – Berneray 9.25 am = £3.70
  3. 18th July Eriskay 4.35 pm – Ardmhor/Barra 5.15 pm = £3.15
  4. 19th July Castlebay/Barra 07.55 am – Oban 12.40 noon = £15.15

=  £31.75

Total assuming you are booking 3 months ahead/opt for cheapest bunk bed at thealready pre-booked Barra hostel = £205.75

To secure the space on the tour, we would invoice you the £106 for the tour, which you can pay by PayPal.

Pick ups:

Northern Glasgow area – Stirling – Perth – Pitlochry – Aviemore – Inverness – Ullapool – or you chose to arrive earlier on Lewis/Stornoway and we meet you there


Drop offs:

Oban – places on route, incl. Tyndrum/Crianlarich (if you like walking/West Highland way) – Callander – Stirling (incl. at the train station from where you have onward rail/bus connections anywhere in Scotland) – or you chose to stay longer on Barra

Option & discount to join us later/leave us early, if you don’t have so much time
  • For our longer multi-day tours on request we offer a per person per day rate to enable you to opt out of or opt in the tour, to join and arrive later, to depart and leave earlier or to stay away for longer and allow for more flexibility to accommodate your personal circumstances and preferences. This rate is £39 per person per day on this tour.
  • This is also meant to help those of you, who really would like to join our tour, but can’t make the first or last day and the discount will go somewhat in paying for your public transport costs to join us on our tour. We happily advise your options.
  • Anyone who is already staying on the Outer Hebrides is welcome to join us on a daily basis subject to seat availability.


  • Accommodation

(Unicorn Tours has pre-booked and pre-paid 9 spaces for the two nights at the Otterburn bunkhouse (Isle of Lewis) and for the one night at the Barra (Dunard) hostel already, so as to be able to offer and guarantee the running of this tour – you don’t have to worry about arranging the accommodation yourself, you just pay us. However if you rather prefer some alternative accommodation, we offer you to opt out and you are then free to chose any other accommodation of your choice for those nights)


  1. Isle of Lewis – Otterburn bunkhouse 1st night = £22.50 pp
  2. Isle of Lewis – Otterburn bunkhouse 2nd night = £22.50 pp
  3. Isle of Barra – Dunard hostel 3rd night = triple room £20 pp (x 3 = £60 total) + quad room £20 pp (x4 = £80 total) + twin room £24 pp (x 2 = £48 total)


  1. 16th July Ullapool 10.30 am – Stornoway/Lewis 1pm = £9.75
  2. 18th July Leverburgh/Harris 08.25 am – Berneray 9.25 am = £3.70
  3. 18th July Eriskay 4.35 pm – Ardmhor/Barra 5.15 pm = £3.15
  4. 19th July Castlebay/Barra 07.55 am – Oban 12.40 noon = £15.15

=  £31.75

* food, drink, entrance fees (castles, museums, attractions, etc.

***pre-tour accommodation in Stirling

On this tour we are heading at 4.30 am from Stirling north via Perth – Pitlochry – Aviemore – Inverness to Ullapool the ferry port, if you live along this route, we are happy to collect and pick you up.

Due to the early start we suggest that anyone else, especially coming from a longer distance from the South/West/East of Stirling, who due the early start we won’t be able to pick up


B&B guesthouses

Half way between Stirling and the University at Causewayhead, there are a few B&Bs and we always pick up just across the road from the bakery carpark, for example the Old Tramhouse


There are many hotels in and around Stirling to chose from, including the Travelodge

outside the railway station


June to August accommodation

During the summer high quality student accommodation is available at Stirling University with all its many facilities (shops, MacRoberts’ Arts Centre,  a huge sports complex, incl. Olympic size swimming pool, golf, tennis, football pitches & lot more) and its good bus-links has a park-like setting with a loch and is surrounded by stunning scenery with lots of hill-walking opportunities making it the UK’s most scenic campus.


  • any questions, just ask us contact@unicorntravel.co.uk


  • Also as advised the 4.30 am departure from Stirling our driver/guide will be quiet, there will be no tour guiding/no music and we let you sleep as this is a transfer to Ullapool. On the 2.5 hour spectacular ferry from Ullapool to Stornoway there are also quiet areas to sleep and relax.


(Unicorn Tours has pre-booked and pre-paid 9 spaces at the Otterburn hostel for the first 2 nights and for the Isle of Barra hostel on the 3rd night already, so as to be able to offer and guarantee the running of this tour – you don’t have to worry about arranging the accommodation yourself, you just pay us. However if you rather prefer some alternative accommodation, we offer you to opt out and you are then free to chose any other accommodation of your choice for those nights)

Accommodation on our special tours (2 days & longer):

 We pre-book and guarantee accommodation for all 8 passengers on all our special tours.

The pre-booked and guaranteed accommodation is  a general rule is budget dormitory youth hostel bunk-bed type accommodation in a central and convenient location and depending on where and when typically costs between £12 – £25 per person per night.

We always give you the option to opt-out and find your own private B&B or hotel accommodation nearby, in which case you should advise us early, so we can release those pre-booked bed-spaces.

The tour throughout the day will remain the same, no matter if we pick you up in the morning /drop you off at night at a 5* hotel or hostel, this allows you to pay as little or as much for your accommodation as you like.

Check for additional accommodation info.


Guaranteed pick up/drop off always from the Stirling area, places along the way, anywhere on private tours & outwith the Forth Valley on request depending on distance & booking numbers


  • short distance multi-stop day tours from our Otterburn Isle of Lewis based hostel
  • allowing for some good free time, flexible activities, standing stone circles, brochs, blackhouses, nature, walks,wildlife, beaches, cliffs, walks,  bens. lochs & glens, island hopping, castles, summer islands paradise, Gaelic culture & a lot more
  • Please note, day 1 and day 3 will be longer travel dates with less time, however day 3 is in terms of what we experience and see one of the highlights of the tour

View our Scottish tour photos by region

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What to bring?

Isle of Lewis & Harris

Callanish standing stone circle

Dun Carloway broch

Garry beach – Tolsta


Bhaltos penninsula


Great Bernera

Isle of Harris


Tarbert, Harris


Traigh Seilebost beach

Check out the weather forecast for Stornoway, Isle of Lewis/Outer Hebrides

  • Status of this tour 

Minimum number of paid/booked individual spaces to guarantee the running of this tour

  • 2
  • minimum number has been reached, this is a guaranteed tour
  • last update on 28th June 2019 @ 10.15 am

How to enquire, book & pay

  1. If you are interested in this tour, you let us know by either emailing contact@unicorntravel.co.uk, use our enquiry form or text or phone us 07429251980. This also gives you a chance to ask any questions, you may have.
  2. Once the minimum number of interested individuals has been reached, we contact everyone, if they still wish to join the tour and are ready to book and pay.
  3. Once the minimum number of individuals have paid, the tour is then a guaranteed departure.
    • Payment/booking deadline: none as you can book until tour is booked out / currently (28th June) still seats available


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