• As our tours are small group tours – it is your tour – and subject to the route/itinerary/time/weather on that particular tour – if there is consensus in the group – at Unicorn Tours we are flexible to personalise and customise your tour. Let us know, how you prefer to space out the various stops at the sights we visit:

– fewer stops with more time to relax & enjoy to be able to take in the feel and atmosphere of the “best” places & “highlights” or

– more stops with less time at each stop and to be able to see more places, even if the time at some of these stops might be short and sometimes just be enough for a photo-stop.

  • Let us know about your lunch, coffee break, dinner preferences – and where you are on this scale/the two extremes – (a) for some the highlight of a tour is to have a 2.5 hour 7 course lunch for £90 at the finest restaurant – (b) while others just want to quickly grab something from a supermarket and eat on the go and get more overall time on the tour.  This will help us with the planning to either (a) restructure & shorten the time on the tour to accommodate longer lunch/coffee/dinner breaks and have less time for the tour or (b) to have less time for meal breaks and we can allocate the extra time to do & see more and to have more stops on the route



  • Specifics of your tour – familiarize yourself with and understand the type of the tour and what the particular tour is all about





  • While you can see a lot on a one day tour from Stirling, Dundee, St. Andrews, Edinburgh or Glasgow leaving in the morning and returning in the evening- it still restricts you how far you can travel in one day.
  • And one day tours, this is what 95% of the tourists do.
  • If you wish to venture further and see more of the stunning, unspoilt, wild, remote & most spectacular parts of Scotland – we recommend to book one of our 2, 3 days or longer tour.
  • We are happy to suggest some awesome and very special locations for your overnight stay – from 5*+, any hotel category, B&B guesthouses, hostels & camping – as we say – the tour in the day is the same – no matter if we pick you up/drop you off at a £500/a night hotel or you go wild camping for free – during the day time, our tour is the same, no matter how much or little you wish to spend on your accommodation.
  • Accommodation on multi-day tours  – your Scottish tour experience throughout the day is unconnected to your choice of accommodation – It is your choice to pay as much or as little as you like for any multi-day tour accommodation – your choice of accommodation will make no difference to your tour experience throughout the day


  • Different tour categories to chose from – Scheduled daily tours per person prices + Private, small group minibus tours price is per 8 seater mini-bus with driver/guide + Special tours with per person price + A to B private hire journeys + Groups (9+) + Tours outside Scotland





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