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Our special tours are ideal, if you are travelling on your own or just as a couple or as 3 friends as you are paying a per person price.
  • to find full details check

Unicorn Tours – special tours

All the special tours are discounted, generally low season tours and we guarantee a per person/per seat price.

Even though we are only a few minutes from Stirling & the Uni, we offer pick up & drop off locations throughout Scotland

– for departure times, links & more info see further down*

  • prices per person
  • (if more than one price given: 2 months early booking discount = 25% off/1 month early booking discount = 12.5% off/standard low season discounted per person price)
  • When it is showing at £12 this won’t be an actual tour, but we offer transport/a transfer to get to a walk, museum visit or for example the Isle of May ferry (which unlike with all the other islands we visit is as foot passengers/walkers/non-guided free time on the island) and that is why there is no further early booking discount.
  • When there is time, interest, the weather is fine, we may however on occasions add one or two touristic stops along the way on these trips

Extras to pay for tours:

  • Accommodation is pre-booked and extra typically £12 – £25 per person per night, but we offer you an opt out and you can chose your own accommodation
  • Other extras are ferries if applicable & entrance fees you chose, food, drinks & personal extras


How to book and pay for a special tour?

Check out the tourstyle for the particular tour you are interested in

to get an idea about what you are likely to see &

the level of free time/versus driving distances involved, likely destinations/possible activities –

a wee summary to tell you what to expect on the tour.

What to bring?

Our base is just outside Stirling/University – 45 minutes driving distance from Edinburgh and Glasgow and just over an hour from Dundee and St. Andrews – and we offer:

*Guaranteed pick ups & drop offs from any location

  • If you book your own private small group tour with us
  • If the special Highlands & Islands tour route passes through or near to your location


*Guaranteed pick up from/drop off Edinburgh/Glasgow/Dundee/St. Andrews/Perth & all locations within 1.5 hours driving of Stirling  on our special Highlands & Islands tours:

  • On our 2 days & longer multi-day tours, if you book 2 or more passengers
  • On 1 day tours, if you book as a group of 4 or more


*Guaranteed pick up from/drop off at locations more than 1.5 hours driving distance away from Stirling on our special Highlands & Islands tours:

  • On request, if you book 3 or more passengers on our 2 days & longer multi-day tours


*Guaranteed pick ups & drop offs from the Stirling area:

  • Always, on any tour
  • Ideally, if at all possible, we like to limit the pick ups to just one convenient time-saving compromise location in central Stirling and a second one at Stirling University, which suits all. We will discuss and confirm once we have received the preferences/addresses of all tour participants.
  • The exact departure times and order of pick ups, who we pick up 1st, 2nd, 3rd and when will then be confirmed as well.

Is this the right tour for me?

click on the link below to find out

Is this the right tour for me?

  1. Stops along the way
  2. Specifics of your tour
  3. Special requests
  4. Free time
  5. Everyone welcome
  6. It is your choice to pay as much or as little as you like for any multi-day tour accommodation – your choice of accommodation will make no difference to your tour experience throughout the day
  7. 4 different alternative tour types for you to chose from (Scheduled daily tours per person prices + Private, small group minibus tours price is per 8 seater mini-bus with driver/guide + Special tours with per person price + A to B private hire journeys)
  8. We tour all over Scotland


if you still have any questions, drop us an email  or text or phone us on 07429251980 or check Unicorn Tours

Unicorn Travel


At Unicorn Tours we offer different Scottish tour categories

What types of Scottish tours does Unicorn Travel & Tours offer?

Unicorn Tours offers 5 different categories of Scottish tours


We offer 5 different types of tour options – see below A, B, C, D & E:


 A – Scheduled, many daily tours (that is the tours listed on the top):

We offer daily scheduled 16 seater+ guided tours (add the link to,

where you pay a price per person/per seat, so perfect for individuals, or couples travelling along or just for 3 or 4 friends travelling together. These fixed itinerary tours generally start in Edinburgh or Glasgow, but for some of those depending on the route we can arrange and do have a Stirling pick up/drop off option.

Prices for these tours vary subject to the season and if you are an adult, student or senior.

If you scroll down on the Unicorn Tours homepage on the right further down, you will have the option to arrow down to the the scheduled, many daily Unicorn Travel Scottish tours calendar, which does show green/available on almost all days, as some of the most popular tours such as

Loch Ness, Glencoe & the Highlands 1 day tour

Loch Lomond & the Trossachs nationalpark 1 day tour

West Highlands, Lochs & castle 1 day tour

Loch Ness, Inverness & the Highlands 2 day tour

& the 3 day Isle of Skye tour among others are running almost daily all year round.

If it is a multi-day tour, you are being offered various accommodation options (hostels, B&B or hotel) or you can book your own.

B – Private, personalised small group tours:

Your own tailormade, personalised, flexible private small group (maximum 8) tour anywhere in Scotland on any of the still available Unicorn Tours dates on our own calendar and the price you pay is per day/driver/guide subject to travel season. You will be best to book as a group of friends of 8,7, 6 or 5 to share the fixed daily costs and the more you are the cheaper the per person tour price.

There are over 50 route suggestions and you find more information on our website, such as tours’ itineraries 3 days+ tours2 day tours1 day tours 

short day tours

Prices for the 8 passenger seater mini-bus with driver/guide vary depending on the time of year.

Check our online calendar for our 2019 private, small group tour date availability

for your own personalised, flexible, tailor-made Scottish tour which would suit a group of up to 8 friends.

You will get the best per person price, if you have  a group of 8,7, 6 or 5 friends booking and travelling together

to share the cost of our daily mini-bus/driver/guide rate.

Those green/still available days would suit a group, who have a specific destination/ tour route/itinerary and stops in mind for a private tailor-made small group tour and  you can visit the places, you wish to visit and chose your own route, pick ups/stops/itinerary/drop offs.

This is your own tour and we visit the places, you wish to see and stop for as short or as long as you tell us do.

If you click on the Highlands & Islands tours calendar & tour enquiry form 

you will find the green/still available days for private/small group tours.

If it is a multi-day tour, you are being offered various accommodation options (hostels, B&B or hotel) or you can book your own.

C – small group “Special tours”, which you can also join as an individual & the tour price is per person:

You have the advantage of a scheduled itinerary as per “A”, but still allowing you for some freedom and flexibility as per “B” and as per “B” we guarantee many pick ups and drop offs, that you might not always get on the scheduled “A” tours.

During the low season, which also happens to coincide with the autumn and spring semester at the Scottish Universities,  we are less busy and have better availability for our small group (maximum 8 passengers) mini-bus and driver/guide and it is then, especially on weekend dates or during holiday/mid-semester periods, when students are off, that we offer further discounted off-peak special tours, where we offer a price per person/per seat based on a minimum number to guarantee the tour departure. For those tours, we also guarantee pre-booked accommodation, but offer you the choice to opt out of it on our multi-day tours. While these tours will always pick up in the Stirling area, we will pick up throughout Scotland.

 If you click on the Highlands & Islands tours calendar & tour enquiry form 

you will find the blue dates, which show you the days, when we run “Special tours” for which there are still spaces for any individuals, couples or small group available to join us.

If a special tour is a multi-day tour we will have pre-booked hostel accommodation for you, which is generally £12 – £25 per person per night extra, but we also give you the option to opt out and chose and book yourself into any other accommodation, which you may prefer.

D – pre-booked journeys anywhere and airport transfers:

A to B journeys anywhere,

you just wish to travel to a specific location, which could be Inverness, Oban, Edinburgh or Glasgow airport or other pre-bookable  A to B journeys anywhere & airport transfers private hire journeys anywhere – private hire destinations – this will be best value for money for you if you are travelling in a group of up to 8, as you can share the cost and the per person cost will then be low. So this would be less of a tour, but just the transport, but interesting stops and places along the way/nearby could be added for a semi-tour like experience on request. On the topic of semi-tour and flexibility we have for example offered a group of 14 pasengers a 2 two day Highland tour to Loch Ness, Glencoe and Inverness tour on our 8 seater, what we did was that on day 1, 7 took the train to Inverness and had free time and we took the other 7 on a tour ending in Inverness. On day 2, the group who travelled up on the train, we took on a tour back to Stirling, whereas the other 7 who came up on the tour on day 1, then had free time in Inverness and took the train back to Stirling.

A green day on the availability calendar

will show you, when there are still available spaces for private hire journeys.

There are 100s of options and possibilities and we can take you anywhere.


Groups (9 people+) – private, tailor-made group tours

  • Private bespoke group tours
  • Pick ups & drop offs from anywhere, incl.. Stirling/Uni
  • Ideal for groups of 9 or more
  • Available on request
  • 100 best route suggestions for 1, 2, 3 days + longer tours or chose your own itinerary


Groups (9 people+) – private, tailor-made group tours

Each group tour is unique


  • We need to have as much information as possible, incl.
  • Group size, travel dates, arrival pick ups/departure drop offs, itinerary and accommodation requests
  • Details if any attractions, castles, whisky distilleries should be included and when, how many adults, students, seniors,  when the event starts and finishes
  • Special needs, requests, requirements, any specific preferences and so on….



 The contact details for A, B, C, D & E are always the same, 07429251980,,



Special interests, hobbies, activities & themes

Scotland has a lot more to offer and something for everyone should you have a special interest, hobby, activity, which you would like to experience on your tour with us throughout Scotland, please mention it to us and if at all possible, we will attempt to include it in your itinerary.

Private, personalised small group tours (maximum 8 passengers)

best suited for groups of friends of 5 to 8 people as the price is set during each season and you pay per vehicle/driver/guide day and share the cost among yourselves in your private group

– individuals, couples and friends – for example 1 – 4 people are still welcome to book their own private tour, but the cost per person will be higher

3 day tours

1 day tours (short)

1 day tours

4 day tours

2 day tours

5 day tours


best suited for groups of friends of 5 to 8 people as the price is set during each season and you pay per vehicle/driver/guide day and share the cost among yourselves in your private group.


  • Edinburgh and the Lothians
  • Southern Scotland
  • Glasgow and the Clyde
  • Central Scotland
  • Argyll
  • Northeast Scotland
  • The Highland region 
  • Skye and the Western Isles
  • Orkney and Shetland