Groups (9 people+) – private, tailor-made group tours


  • Private bespoke group tours
  • Pick ups & drop offs from anywhere, incl.. Stirling/Uni
  • Ideal for groups of 9 or more
  • Available on request
  • 100 best route suggestions for 1, 2, 3 days + longer tours or chose your own itinerary

Each group tour is unique


  • We need to have as much information as possible, incl.
  • Group size, travel dates, arrival pick ups/departure drop offs, itinerary and accommodation requests
  • Details if any attractions, castles, whisky distilleries should be included and when, how many adults, students, seniors,  when the event starts and finishes
  • Special needs, requests, requirements, any specific preferences and so on….

Reason or purpose of the group tour

  • Touring, sightseeing, special interests, activities
  • Events, concerts, conferences & other occasions
  • Etc.

Group sizes


  • We arrange any group sizes from 9 in a mini-bus
  • Group size could be 49 in 1 coach
  • Group size could be 50+ in 2 or more coaches

Route/itinerary/tour description


  • It could be as simple as picking up the entire group from one location, everyone to travel together to one destination and then the whole party travelling back from there to the starting point.
  • It could also be a lot more complex itinerary, it totally depends on the group, the individuals, their requirements, on the special requests, hobbies, interests, activities, must see places or on the special theme of a tour.

Sample scenario for a group X

Arrival day 1 of the tour

  • Some arrive and are being picked up from Glasgow airport
  • Some arrive and are being picked up from Edinburgh airport
  • Others arrive and are being picked up from the railway station, while others are already in Scotland

Overnight on day 1:

  • Group check into accommodation at our a Highland village/town for night 1
  • Some requested to stay at the hotel
  • Others are staying next door to it at the B&B guesthouse
  • A few preferred to stay at the hostel a few hundred metres away
  • Some booked the accommodation themselves, others preferred for us to arrange the accommodation for them

Day 2 of the tour

  • Half of the group had chosen to visit A, B and C and then have a long scenic walk, followed by a whisky distillery visit and travel along the coastal route to the overnight accommodation on day 2

–          The other half of the group preferred to travel via the mountain route to a castle and then via D, E and F to the 2nd overnight accommodation

–          During the free time for lunch at B and E, some chose to eat out, others went to the beach, while some went to the museum, relaxed in the park or walked up the viewpoint to the historic monument, etc.

–          At B we drop off some at the steam train and pick them up again at C

–          At E we drop off some for the loch cruise and pick them up again at F, while all the others stay on and continue their coach tour.

–          The 3 energetic walkers preferred to walk the last couple of miles to the hotel along the spectacular coastal cliff path, so we dropped them off and they made their own way to the hotel and dinner.

  • A special evening dinner with drinks has been arranged for the last night together.

Day 3 of the tour

  • After breakfast we say good-bye to Mr & Mrs Y, as they need to leave early to catch the 10 o’clock flight/train
  • Some group members chose to attend  the event/concert/conference/special interest activity, while others joined the morning tour and a few had asked to have some free time
  • Later on in the day, some group-members will be dropped off at Aberdeen airport and end their 2.5 day tour
  • Others finish their tour at the end of day 3 and are being dropped of at their accommodation or at the station/airport/ferry-port to resume their return journey back home
  • Whereas the rest of the group continues their Highlands & Islands tour for another day or two

Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we shall be happy to assist.


Pick up/drop off locations

Anywhere on request



As these are bespoke itineraries, once we have all information about your requirements, we will discuss a suitable itinerary and all details with you and will then be able to work out a price.

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