Every tour group and every individual is different with own unique hobbies, interests, priorities, abilities, enjoying various things and coming along on a tour for different reasons.

As our tours are small (maximum 8 passengers), we will, given the overall duration of the tour, the requested stops and itinerary and the overall group requirements, whenever possible and time permitting try to accommodate your requests.

As every person is different, it is important you communicate your preferences, for example to include these “must see and do”, “ideally we would like to”, “maybe, but not essential”, “sorry, but I am not interested in this”, etc, include/not include:

· a whisky distillery tour
· a short or extended nature walk
· a relaxed and longer lunch or dinner at a restaurant
· maximum time at the best/most scenic/top attractions and skip other stops
· see as much as possible and stop at many places (but then have less time for each stop)
· arrive/check into the accommodation early
· be back at home at the end of / after the tour / on the last day by a certain time and no later (as you might have an important commitment meeting for example at 7pm, that you can’t miss)
· special needs / requirements
· etc.

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