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plus 100s more off the beaten track, wild & remote places

What to Bring

  • Fun and a positive mindset
  • Waterproof jacket (and if you have waterproof trousers)
  • Bring a daypack, as there will be a lot of getting on the bus/getting off the bus and back into and off the bus and if you have all your belongings in one place, i.e. inside one small backpack, It will make things easier at each quick 5 minute photostop, rather than having to search the whole vehicle each time for your jacket/water bottle or woollen hat.
  • Good footwear, walking boots, as it can otherwise be slippery, especially if it is wet or if you have autumn leaves, we normally don’t waklk for too long, but normally gos for small shorter scenic walks
  • Bring warm jumper, jacket, waterproof jacket and trousers.
  • Bring a spare change of jumpers as people tend to get cold and spare clothes as you could get wet.
  • Woolen hat (also good against strong winds)
  • Sunglasses as sunrise/sunset low-lying sun can hit you in the eyes, also wet surfaces and sun cause extra glare
    Passport, driving license or photo ID as at check in you are often being asked for
  • A camera
  • Personal items
  • A bottle of water, a snack to eat
  • A towel, if you stay in a hostel
  • A bit of cash/credit or debit card
  • If you don’t have outdoor walking shoes or walking boots and you might be likely to walk on wet, muddy & dirty paths and get wet and cold feet, we at least suggest to bring 2 spare pairs of warm socks.

  • A change of clothes (even on 1 day tours, we can occasionally encounter sudden unexpected downpours on our stops and people’s clothes can get soaked
  • Torch in the dark winter time
  • All the hostels we are staying in have a communal kitchen with fridge and places for you to store your food.
    Pre-buying and bring your own food is particularly recommended for days when we travel to remote locations with few or no shops.
  • If you like swimming some swimwear or alternatively an extra spare pair of underpants plus T-shirt is also recommended, as sometimes we come to very tempting beautiful beaches and the Westcoast gulf stream water is mild in the late summer and early autumn.
  • And finally consider twice to party or go out the night before as you are going to have a long and actioned packed day ahead of you and it is not much fun, feeling hung over, unwell and tired on a tour

  • Pack your daypack with all your essentials the night before

  • Sleep well and set your alarm clock early enough to get ready


For any hostel stay, you won’t need to bring a sleeping bag, but a towel and your toiletries.

When/wherever possible we offer lunch stops, where you can buy some local food.

We will have at least one supermarket/shop visit per day (usually more than that) – so even in the remotest areas we visit you only ever have to buy food and drinks for 24 hours at the very most and longest in advance.

Please always have at least a day or two cash reserves with you as we are often in remote areas far from an ATM or a card payment machine facility.

We are also often outside any mobile phone or internet WI-FI network and those machines don’t always work.

If we are staying away overnight and you obviously bring more luggage, everyone in the group would greatly appreciate it and be thankful for you, if you could please bring and prepare 2 correctly packed pieces of luggage

(1) a larger piece of luggage, i.e. suitcase or large backpack to store your overnight items, you will need in the evening after we arrive at our accommodation and

(2) a small/medium sized day pack, which you carry with you ready at all the time next to your seat containing all the essentials you need for the day, for example a waterbottle, a snack to eat, a rain jacket/umbrella, a jumper, a woolen hat, a camera, etc. –

as to be able to run a smooth tour, we prefer you not to open and fiddle around and search in your large overnight suitcase at each stop for 10 minutes and keep the group and guide waiting, who have come to visit all the amazing sites on tour and not to have to wait for you to fiddle around and search for your stuff at each stop.


Please bring and wear multi-layered clothes and bring extra woollen jumpers/pullovers, long underwear, thick socks, woollen hats, gloves, scarves, warm winterjacket, water -and windproof outer layers

Please bring spare clothes as it is likely to be a lot colder than you think due to a combination of cold, wet and windy weather and you might need a spare set of dry clothes if the you get wet.

Please bring sturdy footwear, as it can be icy, wet and slippery and we will go for some short walks.
There is plenty of space on the bus for your luggage.


Tell us a bit about yourself &
What you would like to get out of this tour/why you have joined this tour &
what your priorities are/what you wish to see, discover, experience and explore on your tour and anything you feel matters to you in regards to the tour


Every tour group and each individual tour participant is unique and different with their own hobbies, interests, priorities, abilities, enjoying various things and coming along on a tour for different reasons.

As our tours are small, we will try to accommodate requests whenever possible

– subject to the overall duration of the tour, the itinerary and the overall group requirements, time & weather permitting.


It would help us, if you make us aware of your preferences, for example to include a particular “must see place and must do activity”, “ideally we would like to”, “maybe, but not essential”, “sorry, but I am not interested in this”, “please include or don’t include this or that place”

Such as for example

· a whisky distillery tour
· a short or extended nature walk
· a relaxed and longer lunch or dinner at a restaurant
· maximum time at the best/most scenic/top attractions and skip other stops
· see as much as possible and stop at many places (but then have less time for each stop)
· arrive/check into the accommodation early
· be back at home at the end of / after the tour / on the last day by a certain time and no later (as you might have an important commitment meeting for example at 7pm, that you can’t miss)
· special needs / requirements you may have
· and so on

Surprise yourself

as Scotland has a lot more to offer

and something for everyone

should you have a special interest, hobby, activity, which you would like to experience

on your tour with us throughout Scotland,

please mention it to us and we will be delighted to include it in your itinerary

Private, personalised small group tours (maximum 8 passengers)

best suited for groups of friends of 5 to 8 people as the price is set during each season and you pay per vehicle/driver/guide day and share the cost among yourselves in your private group

– individuals, couples and friends – for example 1 – 4 people are still welcome to book their own private tour, but the cost per person will be higher

3 day tours

1 day tours (short)

1 day tours

4 day tours

2 day tours

5 day tours


best suited for groups of friends of 5 to 8 people as the price is set during each season and you pay per vehicle/driver/guide day and share the cost among yourselves in your private group.


  • Edinburgh and the Lothians
  • Southern Scotland
  • Glasgow and the Clyde
  • Central Scotland
  • Argyll
  • Northeast Scotland
  • The Highland region 
  • Skye and the Western Isles
  • Orkney and Shetland